Argan Relaxant Massage Oil

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Argan Relaxation Massage Oil from ZINEGLOB is the perfect way to relax and ease stress at the end of the day.


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This sensual Relaxant massage oil is the perfect way to relax after school or a long day at work.

It’s always important to use oils that won’t dry out the skin, as the process of a massage already dries you out. Hydrating oil such as Argan Massage Oil ensures your relaxation and serenity.

Argan Oil Body Massage Oil is 100% Moroccan-made and is manufactured in ZINEGLOB labs. Its stylish and discreetly designed packaging makes it perfect for the bedside.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

How to use:

Simply apply 3-5 drops of Argan Relaxant Oil on sore muscles. Massage body delicately.


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